Half Day PSSR Refresher Training Course:


This course gives delegates a renewed understanding of the “Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000” (PSSR). They will benefit from this course by refreshing the knowledge gained from the 2day course and it acts as a check on the service engineers’ abilities and attitude towards implementing PSSR.  We will revisit the issues around competent person and most importantly the managing and maintaining of the safety to the whole pressure system, not just focusing on the pressure vessel examination.

Course Objectives

The main objective is to review the methods of examination, ensure that any tests conducted are implemented and reported clearly so that the highest standards of safety are maintained to protect all who are exposed to a pressure system.

The Course will include:

  • Enforcing the importance of implementation of PSSR using the ACOP
  • Reaffirming who holds a responsibility to compliance
  • Cost of non-compliance and the potential consequences of an accident
  • Reports, test certificates, forms and record keeping
  • Applying the regulations
  • Procedures for the installation of new equipment
  • The duties and relationship between that of the competent person & examiner