After this video appeared on my timeline on Linkedin I realised that I could learn a lot more about Pressure Vessels.  As we, at Mandate Systems are specialists in Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, I wanted to find out more about the process involved in producing a high quality Pressure Vessel.

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet the Managing Director of Abbott & Co (Newark) Ltd, Henry Price, and we had a good discussion about how his company , with Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations and what Mandate Systems engineering surveyors should be looking for when examining a pressure system.

Henry reminded me of an investigation carried out by the HSE on compressors, where out of 10 air compressors sets tested by the HSE, they all failed to meet the required standards.  We explored failure modes and agreed that the actions taken by the manufacturer have just as much influence over the safety of a Pressure Vessel through life as the actions of the operator.  If the manufacturer cannot justify the source of the material, the quality assurance processes and the design code used, then the Certificate of Conformance may be irrelevant.

Henry then showed me his approach to Pressure Vessel design and manufacture, ensuring that the vessel is designed and built to the correct standard for its intended application, that the origins of the materials used can be traced to source, and that when a Pressure Vessel leaves his facility it leaves with a Certificate of Conformity that can be substantiated, and is demonstrably underwritten by International Standards.
As a result of my morning with Henry, and his enthusiastic team at Abbott & Co, I’ve now reminded my engineering team to ensure they see and scrutinise the Certificate of Conformity for each Pressure Vessel in a Pressure System.  They can attach a copy of this to the Client’s file within PressureSafe to provide a one stop solution to demonstrating compliance with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations – it’s more than just a Written Scheme.

Finally, if you have, or are seeking to, acquire a Pressure Vessel or an Air Receiver, it’s worth ensuring that you match the component to the application – what may appear cheap to procure may not be suitable and present a risk to the general public, your colleagues or yourself.  If you cannot prove to yourself that it’s safe then should you be using it?


Matthew Inness CEng CMgr

Head of Engineering