We do like to set ourselves a challenge at Mandate and that we did…the Yorkshire Three Peaks, in under 12 hours. Not to stop there, why not raise a little money for charity too. 

Recently we have been spreading the word to ‘Think Safety First’ and as much as this is our aim in the industry, we also understand it is also important to help others.

In life, many things happen, but one thing that remains a constant is the ones we love. But what if that person was no longer there? 

In our office alone, half of the staff have or have had a family member who has had some form of dementia, so this is an illness that is very close to all of us at Mandate Systems Ltd. Did you know that new research has been linking this with the heart, as it is all part of the vascular system?  Because of this the team decided that not just one charity would do, but two. Dementia UK and The British Heart Foundation.

On our Just Giving page we will be raising money for Dementia UK. After asking our lovely employees why they chose this charity the message was clear…To watch a loved one disappear before your eyes is heartbreaking. Knowing that the person in your life that you love, looked up to and admire is slowly disappearing, not knowing who you are when you enter the room… 

As I write this I feel the rush of emotion flooding back of what I have recently gone through. I am now at the end of my journey, however Julie, Louise and Sarah are at varying stages of this disease, within their families, like many others.

Not to be forgotten is our second charity, The British Heart Foundation. 

The 22nd March 2009 started out like any other Mother’s Day, however it was not to end the same way. Sarah was spending time with her family while her parents visited her Nanna. Sarah received the call that her father, David, had died, unexpectedly. They had all been sat laughing and joking when suddenly he was unable to breathe and he was gone. It was due to a severe heart attack, which wasn’t the first. In the mid nineties David had spent 3-4 weeks in ICU and another 4 weeks in hospital before he came home. David continued to suffer a life with angina and mini heart attacks.

For this amazing charity Mandate have decided to make a donation from all our Written Schemes of Examination from now until August, just before the BIG walk. 

As Tesco says ‘Every little helps’….. 

Should you be able to spare the price of a cup of coffee and donate to these two fantastic charities the team and I would be very grateful. Words of encouragement would also be appreciated, or why not make a lovely day out in the Yorkshire Dales and join us on September 14th.

If you would like to know more about the charities we are supporting, or make a donation the links are below.




Why not follow our activities on our Twitter page @MandateSystems to keep up to date on the latest progress. 

Written by: Amy Kent, Managing Director