Our PSSR training courses are run as a stand alone course or as an entry path to joining PressureSafe. If you are a service provider and would like to offer Written Schemes to your customers, this could be the answer you are looking for. For more on how PressureSafe could benefit your business, please call 01274 691 091 for further information.

Take a moment to consider the impact of a serious accident caused by the failure of a Pressure System in the workplace. As well as potential injuries and risk to life, there are also the financial implications and brand reputation to be considered.

With over 2000 interventions by the Health and Safety Executive in 2017 and the British Compressed Air Society quoting that there are approximately 6 fatalities and 150 reported accidents associated with pressure systems each year, there is a need to improve safety within pressure systems. With the aim of improving safety standards by using the “Pressure Systems Safety Regulations”, PressureSafe training and our service provider partnership packages will assist all businesses using pressure systems to not only comply with the regulations, but will also provide a safer environment for their staff.

Training provided by the PressureSafe partnership aims to improve the safety of pressure systems by focusing purely on issues that affect the safety of the whole system and not just pressure vessels. It is amazing that after 30 years of “pressure systems” legislation most inspection companies are still focused on the pressure vessel and not the whole system. All of our courses are focused on the whole system and the whole of the regulations, not just one element.

The courses have been designed by experienced engineers who have direct experience and safety qualifications to demonstrate their competence and knowledge of the “Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000” (PSSR 2000), and on how an examination is conducted and reported.

The ½ day refresher and 2 day examiners course is accredited by the Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH), and certificates awarded are issued by IOSH. The training provides the knowledge and skills required to add to the delegates competence. Courses include both written and practical examinations. Delegates  must achieve a minimum of 75% correct answers to receive a pass mark to qualify for the IOSH certificate. Each course is delivered by engineers who are experienced in carrying out examinations and in the preparation of “Written Schemes of Examination”.  

The training is now run as a fully interactive online course and so can be completed from anywhere with internet access. Our specialised training courses cover health and safety issues associated with ‘Pressure System Safety Regulation 2000’, and the responsibilities imposed on engineers while examining, inspecting and testing pressure equipment.  

We are delighted to say that our customers are our biggest ambassadors and PressureSafe Training has had some fantastic reviews, here is just some of our latest feedback:

“I found the training course extremely helpful, there were no grey areas and everything was clearly explained. I’ve also been very impressed with the support I’ve received following the course…I would certainly recommend the course to my colleagues and friends in the industry”.

Phil Jackson

BOGE Compressors

“Very interesting and informative. Provides a good understanding of PSSR and WSE with a good balance of theory and practical learning”.

Mark Scott

Motivair Compressors

“Thoroughly useful. Well presented and clearly delivered in a well ordered manner.

Marc Simon

“Fantastic course, excellent staff and facilities”

Paul Youds


“Nice informative people who welcomed us and gave us clear information to help us with our work”

Kevin McCarthy

“I think the course was amazing and very well delivered”

Samuel Butt


“I found it very helpful with a good “hands on” approach”

Joe Hall

JD Dental

“Enjoyed the course, found it very helpful and interesting with great staff”

Curtis Wright

SPM Dental

“Very good course with knowledgeable friendly instructors who were willing to help”

Ross Docherty


“After seeing the PressureSafe engineer training it was a no brainer, we would be able to complete our own examinations and work in collaboration with Mandate to create dual branded Written Schemes. This solution would provide the one stop service we want to offer. We particularly like that our membership allows us to access the secure PressureSafe hosted software so we can efficiently complete all paperwork online whilst on site”

P. Sutcliffe

SSD Group

“Wrights have been looking to further expand our service offering to customers UK wide.  In order to offer PVI testing to our large customer base we needed to work with a partner who could not only provide training, but also an intuitive system for our technicians to use. PressureSafe offered both of these at my first meeting with the company. I would have no problems in recommending PressureSafe to anyone.”  

M. Pitts


“Excellent training, not rushed and well thought out presentations. Would definitely recommend!”

M. Roe

UK Calibration

“The overall experience was excellent with a relaxed atmosphere within the training but at the same time the points of the course were well met”

Graham McLaughlin


“Very informative and good instruction and communication, overall very rewarding “

William West, Kerr Compressors

“Very thorough and informative course. Made difficult legislation easy to understand and very friendly staff willing to help”

Ben Dunwell

DTS Dental

“Very enjoyable course, very well presented. Staff are easy going in a relaxed atmosphere”

Paul Gardener

PCG Dental

“Every course I have been on I’ve always felt tired and like drifting off to sleep…never once have I felt like that on this training Course. I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot”

Pete Marsh

Marsh Dental

“I really enjoyed the course and feel much more confident now”

Jason Roberts

North West Dental

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